Portugal- Surf, Seafood and Soups

We had a couple of reasons to be really excited about visiting Portugal. Firstly, it would be the place where Evert and I would meet again after more than 6 weeks apart. Secondly, it would be the start of our extended holiday/ honeymoon after a season in the yachting industry and thirdly, we would get to surf for the first time in months.


Reunited in Lisbon!

With our meeting point in Lisbon, we got straight into the swing of things with a tour of the city, visiting famous neighborhoods such as Barrio Alto, Chiado and Baixa. Read More

Bullfighting….Man vs Beast

One of the most amazing things about traveling is that you get to meet people and experience different cultures that are very different to your own. Some of these cultures and practices are strange and hard to understand. Some, are even cruel.   One such controversial tradition is bullfighting in Spain. Read More

The Dry Side of Super Yachting

The Dry side of Super Yachting.

When most people think of the Super Yachting industry, they think of big flashy yachts, fancy ports, travelling the world, parties with the rich and famous and (maybe) long days working. So did we. Which made us very excited when we got our first job together on a 3Om KingCat M/Y that was bound to leave for Greece. We only needed about two weeks to finish some minor cosmetics. Unfortunately, two weeks was the time frame given no matter when you asked them when we would be ready. Read More

Travels Through Spain – A Photo Blog

It’s been nearly three months now since we’ve arrived in Spain. In this time we’ve had the privilege of seeing quite a bit of the country and we’ve loved every moment of it.

Read More

Being a small fish in a big pond

When we made the decision about a year and a half ago to quit our jobs and sell everything to go travel the world, it wasn’t one we made in haste. (Read: How to quit your job and go travel the world). We had about a 100 ideas of what we wanted to go do and the plan changed almost weekly. Read More